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Durham Interfaith Hospitality Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded in 1993 which opened its doors to homeless families in the Durham area in January 1994.  At DIHN, we address the needs of homeless families in Durham by partnering with approximately 30 Durham congregations to provide immediate shelter and food in a warm, caring environment, while the professional staff helps the families actualize their long-term goals of greater social functioning including residential stability, employment, childcare, financial stability, transportation, health insurance and care, and psychological well-being.

Our participating congregations typically host three families for one week at a time on a rotating basis. Guests stay overnight at the host congregation in private rooms and receive an evening and morning meal. During the day, a small house serves as a base for other family activities and for case management services. With a capacity of three families (10-12 people), DIHN provides personalized case management services including housing assistance, credit counseling, life skills training, job search, accessing appropriate medical care, and ensuring that children are properly immunized and in school or day care.

In addition, we have a studio apartment underneath the dayhouse where we provide shelter for a fourth family for short term emergency situations; and beginning in December 2012, we have rented an additional space on Duke Street where two more families can stay.  These families receive the same case management services as the families staying at the congregations. So we now serve a total of 6 families, 3 in the "rotation" and 3 in stationary space.

We also have an "IHN Alumni Support Program," providing case management services for a year after our families leave DIHN.